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Your Source For Buying & Selling Diamonds In Buffalo ny!

TAG Jewelry founder and owner Tony Gruppo has purchased countless diamonds over the last 20 years, earning his reputation as an exceptional, reputable and honest diamond buyer. 

When you make that important decision to sell your diamonds, bringing them to TAG Jewelery is the smart choice.  Bring your rings, necklaces, or loose stones in for an appraisal and highest offer based on grade, color, and cut.

Are you considering selling diamonds of yours? Diamonds have been treasured for generations for their beauty and exquisiteness, but that’s great news considering they hold their value very well. Diamonds still retain their rare status in the eyes of people today, as they adorn and add a special look to necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. So if you’re considering selling Tag Jewelers Is the #1 trusted diamond buyer and seller in Buffalo, NY!

Owners usually preserve diamonds with great enthusiasm, and we at Tag Jewelry understand the value these diamonds hold for our customers. Just as they are treasured and protected by their owners, we believe that the value you receive when selling or buying diamonds should be just as high, and we go through great lengths in order to maintain the best rates and trusted services.

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